农产品 Quality Farm Products


Smoked Dried Longan S$15 (limited Quantity,seasonal product)

Current stock: 22 bottles left

From the NanTou (central Taiwan),the longans fruits are smoked slowly with the trunks of the longan trees for 3 days and 3 nights, you will be amazed by the intense smokey flavour from the traditional smoking process. One of the significant products from central Taiwan.

Net Weight: 300g

Storage: Keep in the fridge after opening (No preservatives)

Production season: Once a year around Oct ,please order in advance.



Preserved Plum S$12

Ingredients : Pure Honey, Taiwanes Plum

Net Weight: 500g

Storage: Keep in the fridge after opening (No preservatives)

The plum is preserved with 100% pure honey, sweet and sour taste from the nature!



Mosquito Repellent BalmS$13

Contents: Bee wax、lemongrass、mint , natural herb and essential oil.

Net Weight: 20g

All natural herbs.

Available in 2014 Feb


Cinnamon Tea S$15

Ingredient: Taiwanese native cinnamon , ganoderma

Net Weight: 2.5g x 20 tea bags

Delightful taste from the native cinnamon forest in central Taiwan.

Product of NanTou farmer's association.


Taiwanese High Mountain Tea S$50

Net Weight: 300g

Production Area: Central Taiwan, Mountain Li-Shan

Authentic Taiwanese High Mountain Tea


Taiwanese "Oriental-Beauty" Tea S$50

Net Wight: 150g

Production Area: Miao Li county

Authentic Taiwanese "Oriental-Beauty" Tea


Year 2012 Awarded - "Oriental Beauty" Tea S$150 (Limited Quanity-Sold Out)

Net Weight: 150g

Grade: 3 Plum Flower (Sealed by the Miao-Li county officials)

Production area: Miao-Li county