Award winner of the "Best Quality Honey" of year 2009,2010 and 2011 by the Bee Keepers Association of Taiwan.


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The Beginning & Decision

FungGuo Bee Farm was started 50 years ago. The current owner began his beekeeping career at the age of 18 by taking over his father's bee farm with nearly one million bees in the year of 1999. As the business grew bigger and bigger,currently FungGuo Bee Farm has over ten millions bees.

Perseverance & Belief
The second generation of the beekeeping industry adhered to the belief of the natural bee farming with the best nectar source.

Natural Gives Health is the principle of their Beekeeping business.

Reputation & Branding
FungGuo Bee Farm believes in cherishing the bees and loving the nature, as its basis.
Mr Wu began exploring the mountains for its best nectar and also to understand the nature and grasped the timing of the pollination cycle.At the same time, he established the reputation in the market, he actively took part in promotion of the products.

Innovation & Development
Through the innovative research development, FungGuo Bee Farm successfully developed new range of products, making use of honey, such as vinegar, royal jelly , honey enzymes, pollens,honey tea and etc.

Bees & Nature
FungGuo Bee Farm cherished bees as a valuable natural resource and serve the mission of making the best quality honey products for the consumers.