Taiwanese Green Propolis

Major Propolis Types in the World

(Populus spp.)dark brown:China,Korea,Europe,North America

(Betula verrucosa)brown: Russia

(Baccharis spp.)yellowish green: Brazil

(Macaranga tanarius)yellowish green: Taiwanese Green Propolis, Japan

(Clusia spp)red: Cuba,Venezuela

(Acacia paradoxa)brown: Australia

The color of the propolis varies due to different plants and seasons.

The quantity of Taiwanese Propolis resin is not much,but the quality is very good with some of bioactivities being much better than the Brazillian propolis.

Propolis resins are collected by the worker bees from plants which produce "gluey substance",and the bees will add their own bee waxes and saliva enzymes to transform the resin into complicated compounds,. The bees will then use the propolis resin to seal their hives, so that hives are safer than most of the "operation rooms",due to the anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory,antioxidant and anti-viral properties.

The complicated chemical composition of propolis , such as chrysin,acacefin,artepilin C,propolone A,propolins A to J,flavonoids,and cinnamic acids will help to our immune systems and nerve tissue regernerations.

Each bee hive produces less than 100g of propolis resin per year. A solvent is needed to extract the useful composition from the hard resin,propolis will not dissolve in water.

There are two types of propolis in the market. non-alcohol and with alcohol products.

Alcohol is a more effective solvent to extract the propolis and safer,because it is fermented from natural plants like grains,and it can be metabolized by our body, just drop into a cup of water, and drink the propolis mixture.

Non alcohol solvent is a viscous liquid called propylene glycol ,the viscous liquid will also make the consumers to be mistaken that the propolis is more "concentrated" due to the stickiness.Propylene glycol is made from pretrochemicals and this chemical solvent is used in products such as cosmatics, engine coolant and mouthwash. Some of the propolis products are not specially processed into small molecules for easy absorption, that is the reason why when some of the propolis products are dropped into the water, they will sink to bottom of the glasses, this means that they are poorly absorbed to the human body ,and lots of waxes are left on the glass.

Some propolis products use (mg/ml) or contains xx%, to represent the quality and the concentration of their products, but due to different seasons and origins of the source plant,raw propolis resins can have different grades . The low grade propolis resin contains low propolis composition.Large quanity of raw popolis resin printed on label of the propolis product does not guarantee a high quality product. It is the active ingredients which were extracted from the quality resins that matters.

China has the highest production of propolis resins, however some of the propolis products using chinese resins does not state the origins. Consumers can identify the origins by its colour,taste and unique flavour of each region, the more types you try, the more you can learn to differentiate the original sources.

So far, there is no common standard for the propolis in the world, due to the complicated characteristic of different regions. Consumers are advised to buy those products which you can feel the goodness of propolis.


Taiwanese Green Propolis (30ml/bottle) S$70

The dropper is individually sealed inside.

Our propolis products will dispese into the water because they are specially processed to keep the good active compounds into small molecules, for easy absorption .