Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nutrition info of Pure Honey?
Natural pure honey contains rich glucose and fructose,Simple sugar to be absorbed directly into our body,it will provide energy for the body immediately.

Minerals: Including Calcium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium etc.
Amino Acids: Pure honey contains more than 16 kinds of amino acids for tissues in our body.
Vitamins: Pure honey contains variety of Vit B6,B12,K,folate,Coline etc...
Enzymes: mainly diastase,invertase,catalase and glucose oxidase which are produced by bees.

Is pure honey suitable for diabetic?
Quality honey contains high level of glucose and fructose,about 70%-80%, glucose will be absorbed by our body immediately.
So, if you are diabetic and your blood sugar is not under control , please do not consume honey, as your blood sugar will fluctuate and which is not suitable for diabetics.

Please take note: Each diabetic patient's condition is different.
Please consult your doctor before taking honey.


Is pure honey suitable for baby?
Baby's digestive system is not fully developed,and pure honey is unprocessed.Pure Honey is not suitable for baby.Most of the European countries also not recommend honey for babies under 1 year old.


Can i mix honey with hot water & metal spoons
During cold weathers, it will be nice to have honey with warm water, just keep the temperature below 60℃, hot water will destroy the natural enzymes in pure honey.

Please avoid using metal spoon as pure honey contains minimal acids and will react with metals. It will only affect the taste of the honey, and it is safe to drink .


Longan honey & "internal heat"?
In the chinese food therapy, all pure honey helps to reduce the "internal heat", and Longan fruit will increase the "internal heat" in our body.

So,how about Longan honey? Longan honey is collected by the bees from the nectar of Longan flowers, when the Longan flowers bloomed,the fruit is not grown yet.

So... all pure honey helps to reduce the "internal heat",and pure honey should not contain the strong flavour of the fruit.


Ants will not be attracted by pure honey
The moisture of quality pure honey is not more than 20%. If ants try to eat the sticky pure honey, ants will be stuck. So, at first the ants will not be attracted by pure honey,but as honey tends to absorb moisture from the air, making the outer layer of the pure honey to be diluted, then ants will be attracted to the pure honey eventually.

Honey is sweet and ants will eat anything sweet, if something that ants do not want to eat, maybe human should not eat it too...

How do I prevent Ants
One of the simplest method is to use few rubber bands at the bottom of the glass bottle, because ants do not like the smell of the rubber.


Why is there Crystallization in pure honey?
(Please do not put honey in the fridge)
Crystallization is common in pure honey due to glucose,temperatue, moisture and source of the nectar. Crystallization tends to occur at 13 to 15 degree C°. And the temperature in the fridge is too low, sometimes it may take up to 2 months for the whole bottle of honey to be crystallized when stored in the fridge.

Pure honey contains glucose,and Crystallization is common in most of the pure honey, and in most of the european countries they enjoy the crystallized honey as fruit jam and apply it on the bread.

Most of the artificial impure honey does not crystallize.
But judging pure honey or impure honey by crystallization test method is not 100% accurate. Most accurate way is to send honey to the labs.