Honey Bees -Only 9 species (General Bees- about 20,000 species,including bumble bees,wasp etc.

大蜜蜂     Apis. dorsata          (Giant Honey Bees)     
小蜜蜂     Apis. florea           (Dwarf Honey Bees)
东方蜂     Apis. cerana           (Eastern Honey Bees)
西方蜂     Apis. mellifera        (Western Honey Bees,Preferred by Beekeepers) 
黑大蜜蜂   Apis. laboriosa         
黑小蜜蜂   Apis. andreniformi      (Dwarf Honey Bees) 
沙巴蜂     Apis. koschevnikoi      (Red Bees)
绿努蜂     Apis. nulusis
苏拉威西蜂  Apis. nigrocincta      (Philippine Honey Bees)
(Bumble Bee is not honey bee,relative of honey bee,bumble bee pollinates,but does not make much honey)

(Source:Ken Walker, Victoria Museum)
In Bee Society,only 3 roles
The Queen

Her size is the biggest,she takes only royal jelly as her food for the whole life.The Queen keeps enough sperms in her body during mating season,then she use these sperms to lay about 1,500 eggs per day

Lifespan: 3 to 5 years

(Quantity: About 1 per colony)

The Drone (Male)

The drone has no resposibilities, does not collect nectar, his size is slighly bigger than worker bee,has big eyes,with no sting,eats a lot. So, when there is not enough food, worker bees will kick him out of the colony. The drone usualy dies after mating with queens.

Only the Drone can visit other colonies without being attacked by other bees

Lifespan: 4 to 5 months

(Quantity: About 300 to 500 per colony)

The Woker Bee (Female)

Worker bee is sexually undeveloped,she collects nectar and pollen during daytime,makes honey by flapping her wings in the night.She takes care of the baby and the queen.

Field Bees: Collect Nectar and Pollen.

Household Bees:Take care of babies,makes wax to build the hive,and producing royal jelly from their saliva for the queen.

Lifespan:Summer 1 to 2 months,Winter 3 to 5 Months.

(Quantity: 30,000 to 80,000 per colony)

Bee Life Cycle(Days)
Queen            3           5.5        7.5        16
Drone            3           6          12         21
Worker           3           7          14         24  (days)            

Predators: Hornets,Spiders,Frogs,Birds etc..

Hornets attack Honey Bees for food,they eat the larva,pupa..etc
1 hornet can kill 1,000 bees! 30 hornets can kill whole colony in 3 hours!

Some Bees defend themselves by surrounding the hornet like a fireball,
trying to "cook" the hornet at 45°C,while the Bees can take up to 47°C.

In 2009,a Japanese Researcher Michio Sugarara argued that the actual cause
might be high concentration of carbon dioxide which cause the death of the hornet. 

(Source: Dr. Lu ShengShan & Dr SongYiXin from Miaoli Argriculture Research)

Bees Collecting Nectar:
1 trip about 0.02 g of nectar.
1g of honey,needs to visit about 1,500 flowers .
1kg of honey,need to fly about 320,000 km,enough to circle 8 rounds of earth.

Little Indian Bees(Dwarf Honey Bees)

80% of the plants in the world are pollinated by insects.
85% of these are pollinated by Bees. That is how we get the fruits.
Human beings should cherish the bees for their contributions.