When buying pure honey,be aware of Artificial & Blended Honey
Examples... Apple & Peach trees are grown at high altitudes,not much nectar is produced and too cold for the bees. There will be not enough apple or peach honey to be sold in Taiwan, only Japan or USA has this kind of honey with large scale of plantation.

Taiwan has a lot of Mango and very famous, but there is no such honey in Taiwan. The reason behind it is that mango flowers have not much nectar and belong to the family of Anacardiaceae, and mango trees produce irritating chemicals called " Urushiol". (Remember the sticky mango skin?) Most of the mango flowers are pollinated by fruit flies in Taiwan.

The above information is for consumers. Just to make consumers to think about the difference between " flavoured " honey and pure honey. We need to think about the source of the honey, the nectar and how the plants are pollinated.Some flowers are pollinated by bats, because some flowers bloom after dark.


So, choose honey from plants with abundant nectar to avoid impure honey.


Under the strict regulation of Singapore Govt ,Pure Honey has to meet the following

a)Moisture not moe than 20%
b)Sucrose not more than 8%
c)Ash not more than 0.75%
Reducing sugar not less than 60%,No added sugar, colouring or other substance.

To download the standard (2011 April 15th)..PDF (PDF file- page 42),Or link from Govt Web Food Regulations PDF-page 62

Reducing Sugar: mainly Mono Sugar (Glucose + Fructose) Pure Honey contains higher level of glucose and fructose.

Moisture:Moisture of fresh harvested honey is about 16% to 25%,sometimes low temperature dehydrating process is required to ensure the quality.

Ash:Natural honey has impurities like honey wax or honey comb, filtration is necessary.

Sucrose:Natural honey contains minimal sucrose, too much sucrose means impure honey.

Acidity:Natural honey contains organic and non organic acids, too much acid means quality is bad.

HMF:HydroxyMethylFurfural is formed when too much high temp dehydration of the honey or contains artificial sugar or storage over long time

High HMF= nutrition level is low and possible impure honey with added sugar or colouring. (source:1993 HMF Abdel-Aal...etc)
Low HMF = fresh honey
International standard CODEX (WHO): HMF to be below 80mg/kg, link to CODEX , or click here to download PDF (PDF file- page 5)

Diastase: Active enzymes produced by Bees. All pure honey is active.

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