If you buy expensive honey...still acceptable, but if you get artificial honey,is it good for the kids?
If you have questions from the above,
You can do a simple test at home.

1)Prepare two empty bottles.
2)Pour equal amount of honey into each bottle with water, then shake .(Ratio about 1:6 )
3)After 5 minutes....Check the clearity, size of bubbles, colour of the bubbles.(then remove the bottle cap)
4)After 8 hours . .....Check how much bubbles left, any residues from the bubbles

Below is photo after 8 hours

The above is just a simple test...Pure Honey contains Protein,Pollen and Active Enzymes...etc,so it is cloudy. (please google "Enzyme", enzymes are proteins)

Bee's hair is full of pollen, do you think bees will take a bath before entering their home to avoid pollen from dropping into the cells with honey inside?

That is why water mixed with honey is always Cloudy.


When buying honey,you may ask for Test Reports ,to avoid impure honey with syrups
check if the honey meets AVA regulations...Reducing sugar to be more than 60% (Glucose + Fructose)


Test Labs should be AVA approved or international labs like SGS or TUV are more reliable。


When buying pure honey, please think of few questions...
1)Usually nectar flavour is not equal to fruit flavour, if the honey taste like the fruit, watch out!
2)The honey seller explained how they harvest the honey ?

Some consumers are interested in the wild honey from wild bees, but please think of few questions...
Wild Honeybees will abandon their hives if they get disturbed.And the shapes of the wild honeycombs are irregular,collecting wild honey will also destroy the bee colonies.As a result...there will be less and less wild honeybees. (how to supply mass quantity of honey from wild bees in the market like singapore?)

The Cows in the Farm and the Cows in the wild,they both eat grass to produce milk, both milk will contain proteins, and both milk will be cloudy with same nutritions. The same applies to the bees and the honey.